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About Us

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Hi! My name is Christine, I am a co-owner of Horror Finds. My journey with this business began when I was at Monster Mania in 2019, Cherry Hill. It was my first convention ever and I was so excited to go.

When I got there I saw all these amazing vendors and how friendly they were and how much fun they had being at the shows. How they put their art out there and people liked it.

I began to think. That could be me.

I started researching what it would take, and then the pandemic hit! I ended up rethinking and finding a new theme. Clowns. Everybody loves clowns. If I mashed up my favorite clowns into one, I would have Jinx, my logo. 

In 2021, I did my first show in Hunt, Valley, MD at Monster Mania and since then I have been to many shows and I won't stop, it's just too much fun in the circus. 

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